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optimal developer temp is __ degrees F
As the focal spot becomes larger, the image becomes fuzzy and less clear; this is called the _______ effect
number of wave cycles that pass a stationary point in a second
(small/large) focal spots are desired because they result in very clear images
fixer pH is
what metal is the focusing cup made of
the _____ transformer increases the incoming voltage from volts to kilovolts, called 'high voltage' circuit
min dark room size is __ by __ feet
xrays are a form of __________; which are bundles of energy that travel in waves
position the (thick/thin) area under the cathode side
xrays travel in ______ lines
hihg frequency type _______ are used in clinics to allow thousands of electrical waves to flow towards the xray tube instead of standard 60 cycle US alternating current
_____ wavelengths have higher frequencies
a ______ transformer reduces incoming line current from amperes down to mA, called the 'low voltage' circuit
T or F xrays excite and ionize atoms
number of protons is (greater, equal, less) number of electrons
part of xray machine that directs electrons towards the light
site of xray generation
what is the viewing contrast desirable for soft tissues (high, low)
type of anode with limited ability to withstand heat generated by electrons hitting the target
the kVp selector is also called ___________
T or F: there is no limit to how small a focal spot can be
electrons are concentrated in a small area of the target called the ____
______ wavelengths have more energy
number of xrays leaving the tube is determined by what setting?
difference in density and mass between two adjacent anatomic structures
type of anode developed to help dissipate the heat generated at the target; can use higher mA's with these
xrays are (high/low) frequency waves
encases entire xray tube to prevent stray radiation escaping and protects glass envelope from damage
thicker parts absorb (more/less) xrays and make film (darker/lighter)
what percent of the energy produced when electrons hit the target is converted into xrays?
the primary machine setting controlling depth of penetration
developer pH should be
degree of blackness
T or F: silver should be disposed of by washing down the drain
smaller filaments have (smaller/larger) focusing cups
Xrays are bundles of energy called ______ or ______
visible difference between two adjacent radiographic densities
_______ allow flow of electrons in one direction only
electrons that collide with ______ produce xrays
dental units use what type of anode?
the _____ is always positive, the ______ is always negative
what metal is the filament made of?
The _____ effect is where the intensity of the beam varies and is stronger on the cathode side due to the angle of the target
what metal is the window made of that allows xrays to leave the tube and expose the film
Stationary base is made of what metal?
this surrounds anode/cathode, creates a vacuum so no air molecules are present
xrays make radiographic film _____ (color)
distance between two consecutive corresponding points on a wave
T or F: xrays produce a visible image on the film before processing
density difference between two adjacent areas on a radiograph
radiographer can switch filaments by turning the ___ selector

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