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species that harbors the asexual and immature stages of the parasite, not the final host, some parasite development occurs, required to complete life cycleex: mosquito is this for heartworms
denotes production of clinical signs of disease
parasite which must parasitize to live
A parasitic situation involves at least __ species
infected or infested with a parasite but no clinical signs of disease
the study of parasites, their life cycle, the diseases caused, and the prevention, treatment, and control
a parasite in/on the wrong host, trying to make a go of it, usually parasite diesvery common, ex: heartworm in people
a parasite on/in the correct host but in the wrong location and trying to make a go of itcommon, ex: microfilaria in the eye
the species that harbors the sexually mature stages of the parasite, may be the only hostex: hookworms of dogs
time from exposure until the parasite is recognizablemay be shorter than incubation period
when the parasites are found in highest concentrations in specific areas such as nests, burrows, favorite chairs, etc these are _____ parasites
co-existence of two different species as a loose arrangement with no dependence on each otherex: bacteria on fly legs
parasite found throughout the range of the host species is a _______ parasite
parasite that just happens to be there, not trying to make a go of itcommon in carnivores, ex: mouse parasite in cats
most common method of parasite infectionex: eating or drinking
arrangement with slightly more dependence that usually benefits the parasite moreex: protozoa of the digestive tract
time from exposure to appearance of clinical signsnot constant amount of time for the same parasite
an organism that may either be free-living or parasitic
the animal that supports the parasite
damage done quickly to one part of the arrangementex: lion vs wildebeest
an association between two species in which some sort of damage is done to the host and the parasite benefits
life cycle that requires at least one intermediate host and the final hostex: wood ticks
type of parasitism pertaining to parasite in the hostex: tapeworm, these infect the host
type of parasitism pertaining to parasite on the hostex: fleas, these infest the host
can be final or intermediate host, can harbor parasite but is not the host we are concerned withex: buffalo harbors cattle intestinal parasites
predilection of a parasite for certain environmentsenvironment can refer to host, organ, or tissue
starts from when parasite is recognizable until the host recovers or dies
biological organisms that can transmit diseases
the animal that lives at the expense of the host
life cycle that requires only the final hostex: hookworms in dogs
parasites who spend their entire life cycle on/in one animal are ____ parastes
both species benefit, usually obligatoryex: large hoofed stock and birds which eat external skin parasites

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