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maoi stands for
are behavior drugs alone an acceptable way to fix bad behaviors?
these increase gaba receptor binding
azapirone drug
antipsychotics affect what neurotransmitter?
_____ levels gaba = depress cns
antipsychotics are ________ that suppress undesirable behavior but also ____ all behavior
how many antidepressant classes can you use together to help modify behaviors?
anxiolytics are ________ that stimulate gaba receptors, depressing the cns to reduce anxiety
trade name for fluoxetine (vet approved)
these increase serotonin
_____ levels gaba = stimulates cns
_____ levels serotonin = intense moods
these inhibit serotonin reuptake to prolong serotonin activity
these increase dopamine by blocking it's reuptake
_____ levels dopamine = senility/dementia
ssri stands for
level of sedation of anxiolytics is dependent on what?
tca stands for
_____ levels serotonin = depression
dopamine is a _________
these block serotonin
name an ssri
name an maoi
name a catecholamine that mao's break down
name a tricyclic
these are involved in breaking down cetecholamines and serotonin
these block dopamine
these are named for their chemical structure, have less calming effect than phenothiazines, and lower the seizure threshold
_____ levels dopamine = intense/abnormal emotions
trade name for fluoxetine (human use or extra label)

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