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increased capillary permeability, such as from allergic response, is linked with what type of edema?
increased blood flow to a site of the body is
leukocytes that are T and B cells that live longer, used to directly attack and kill as well as produce antibodies
first leukocyte on the scene, short-lived (24 to 48 hrs)
Is diminished outflow of blood causing the area to turn dark red or blue active or passive?signs: decreased temp
exudates are classified based on their ____ constituent
exudate containing slime-like substance composed of glandular secretions and cells
leukocytes used for more specific actions such as parasitic and allergic, also phagocytosis and lysosomal
loss of protein or decreased intake is linked with edema from what?
accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space is what?
exudate that contains pus, found in abscesses
leukocytes that are the activated form of monocytes
the study of the causes of disease is
An increase in the size of cells while number of cells stays the sameex: bodybuilder, genetics
decrease in size or mass as a result of decrease in number or size of cellsreasons: disuse, nerve damage, aging
edema fluid with a high protein concentrationspecific gravity >1.015
the deterination (forecast) of the outcome of an illness is the
Is dilation of vessels causing excess blood to be shunted to a specific body part active or passive?signs: reddish, increased warmth, increased pulse
Congestive heart failure, liver disease, and kidney disease are linked with edema from what?
a complex of cytologic and histologic reactions occurring in affected blood vessels and adjacent tissues in response to an injury or abnormal stimulation is:signs: heat, redness, swelling, pain, loss of function
death of cells or tissue- usually white or blackcauses: infection, injury, radiation, chemicals, heat, loss of blood supply
exudate that is mostly fluid, low protein, yellowish color
increase of blood in a part, can be active or passive
cells that are loaded with inflammatory mediators and have extremely rapid responses
abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement
longer lived leukocytes that are activated once they leave the blood strem
exudate composed of mucus and pus, found in tissues that secrete mucus
edema fluid with a low protein concentrationspecific gravity
exudate composed mostly of fibrinex: traumatic reticulopericarditis (Hardware disease)
the manner in which a disease develops is

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