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heat cycle length in cattlerange or average
brushy plants are called
in dairy cattle what is used more often: natural mating or AI?
dogs require what size needle?__ x __
caustic paste applied to horn buds to interrupt horn germinal tissue is a ____ method of dehorning
what is it called when 2 and 3 breed crossbreeding programs are utilized to improve heterosis?
castrating and tail docking are completed at _-_ days of age
industry ideal is less than __% death loss
most costly cattle disease
goat and sheep disease caused by Clostridium perfringensovergrowth of C. perfringens is due to overeating
industry goal for cattle is less than __% death loss
cattle disease that can lead to ketosis or displaced abomasum
second most costly disease in cattle
duration of heat in cattlerange or average
length of gestation in goats is ___-___ days
electric hot-iron dehorning, barnes dehorner, and a horn saw are ____ methods of dehorning
normal goat lactation lasts _-_ months
number two dairy cattle breed (per reg #'s)
goat castration is performed at _-_ weeks of age
length of estrus in goats is _-_ days
gestation length in sheep is ___ days
producing higher quality meat, making livestock easier to handle, higher market prices, and prevention of unwanted breeding are reasons for _______
in beef cattle, what is used more often: natural mating or AI?
age of sheep at puberty is __-__ months
cattle disease of low blood Ca, typically seen a couple days after birth
horses, goats and sheep use what size needle?__ x __
goat disease caused by mycobacterium
gestation length of cattle (ave)
castration method that crushes spermatic cord, bloodless
removing wool from around the vulva in ewes is known as _____
age of puberty in cattlerange or average
number one beef cattle brred (per reg #'s)
calves should receive colostrum within __ hours of birth
sheep disease caused by selenium deficiency
cattle disease resulting from negative energy balance
milk that has readily available vitamin A and small fat globules
a balanced grain ration that supplies energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins accessible only to calves
castration method that is surgical, removes testicle
length of estrus in sheep is _-_ hrs
average weight of gain in beef cattle is __-__ lbs per day
length of estrous cycle in goats is __-__ days
feeding increased levels of protein to improve body condition just prior to breeding in ewes is called _____
number one dairy cattle breed (per reg #'s)
cats require what size needle?__ x __
cattle use what size needle?__ x __
each ewe should deliver _-_lambs per year ideally
castration method causing necrosis of scrotum, most common method, prone to tetanus
number two beef cattle breed (per reg #'s)
length of estrous cycle in sheep is __-__ days
broadleaf plants are called
higher market price, safer farm workers, reduced injury to other animals, increase of weight gain in feeder cattle, decrease in space needed per animal are reasons for:
____ selection accounts for 80-90% of genetic improvement in a herd
age of goats at puberty is __-__ months

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