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Can you name the top 30 surnames in USA, according to the 1990 census?

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1. Just guess!
2. 36th president of the USA
3. Serena and Venus
4. Think color
5. You probably thought this would be #1 or 2.
6. American playwrite Arthur wrote The Crucible.
7. Last name of black power advocate Angela, and Confederate president Jefferson.
8. Jerry of the Grateful Dead or Ben & Jerry's Cherry.
9. Golfer ChiChi now plays in the Senior PGA league
10. Brothers Owen, Luke and Andrew have acted in movies directed by Wes in #12.
11. Dominican born pitcher, Pedro won Cy Young award 3 times.
12. Director Wes made Rushmore & The Darjeeling Limited, among other films.
13. Much- married actress Elizabeth.
14. Danny and daughter Marlo both had TV shows.
15. Common Hispanic surname. Carlos is a retired boxer, Keith was a National League MVP in 1979.
16. Movie maker Michael, from Flint, Michigan.
17. First name of German Reformation theologian.
18. Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, or Janet.
19. Actress Emma or author Hunter.
20. Think absence of color.
21. Singer- actress Jennifer, she played Selena to great acclaim.
22. She wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.
23. Young Elian was the center of a dispute between Cuba and the USA.
24. Actor Neil Patrick.
25. He and Lewis made historic cross country trip in 1804-1806.
26. Mentioned in clue # 25.
27. They were a Swiss family, according to Disney.
28. Author Alice wrote The Color Purple.
29. Actress Rosie was in Fearless and Do the Right Thing.
30. Diane Keaton played Annie in this classic Woody Allen movie

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