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Twist Ending
After helping a young child throughout the entire movie, the main character realizes he has been dead the entire time.
After winning his case and getting his client into an insane asylum, the main character find out his client didn't have multiple personality disorder.
After the cops let a cripple leave the police station, they find out he made up his entire story and he is Keyser Soze.
After a magician tricks the other and takes his daughter, the other magician had one more trick: a twin brother
After being haunted by ghost the whole movie, a mother and her two children realize that they were the ghosts.
After running from a masked killer the entire movie, the main character find out theres not one but two killlers
After cutting off his foot to get help, we find the man who seemed dead in the middle of the floor was actually the killer.
After befriending a man and starting a club, an insomniac realizes his new friend was himself the entire time.
Twist Ending
After believing the date was early civilization and there were monsters in the forrest, We find out that the townspeople are living inside of a walled place in modern times.
When a man is made an example of by being killed for betting on a fixed horse race, we find that the main character was his son who came for revenge.
When the world becomes overpopulated with people a company comes out with a new food product to feed humanity, it is discovered in the end that the food product is actually people.
When a man tries to find his wifes killer we see he can't remember things after periods of time so he tattoos them to his body, but we find out he killed his wife.
When a man is stranded with strangers and people start to die, we find out they are all personalities in a psycho's mind and the little boy is the killer.
After being abducted a man is released 15 years later and seeks revenge, but on his journey he falls for a woman and sleeps with her, turns out the woman is his daughter.
When a marshall tries to find a murderer in an insane asylum, we find out the cop is the one who is insane after he killed his wife for killing his children.

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