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Can you name the Lightning Round Movies 2?

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Can you name the movie from five clues
War/ Machines/ Hair/ New World/ 3D
Space/ Unique Weapon/ Droids/ Saga/ Force
Lightning/ Proposal/ Civil War/ Cat/ Good Old South
Lion/ Jungle/ Hunter/ Monkey Boy/ Game
Criminals/ Set Up/ Exploding Ship/ Lineup/ Kaiser Soze
Police Officer/ No Fingerprints/ Greed/ Hidden Clues/ A Box
Kangaroo/ Hippopotamus/ I Win/ Hooters/ Peeing on Building
Inside Out/ Murder/ High School Teens/ Deputy Dewey/ Two Killers
Can you name the movie from five clues
Fight/ Powers/ Tournament/ Four Armed Beast/ Finish Him
Christmas/ Aspin/ Briefcase/ Limo Driver/ Tounge Stuck On Pole
Poker Game/ Handprint/ Drawings/ Sinking/ Heart Diamond
Eqypt/ Two Books/ Reincarnated/ Stork/ Back To The Tomb
Disquises/ Diaries/ Seeing Double/ Rubber Ball/ Magician
Fast Food Restaurant/ Cheating Wife/ Weird Cameraman/ Rose Petals/ Mid Life Crisis
Bear/ Draw Straws/ NASSA/ Oil Drillers/ Meteoroid

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