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Who designed the album artwork for Blue Slide Park?
What instrumental was used for the song 'Snapback'?
What songs are on 'The High Life' mixtape and 'On and On and Beyond' EP??
When did Mac say he started rapping?
What song is sampled for the song 'Party on 5th Ave?'
Who was in the 'Ill Spoken' rap duo with Mac?
During what grade did Mac start smoking weed?
What memorable thing happened the first time Mac smoked weed?
What NFL player did he rap with and mention in the song 'Nikes On My Feet'?
Who directed all of Mac's music videos?
What are the ingredients to Taste Adventures #1 food?
Who's birthday was celebrated in 'Fun is 4 Everyone Vol. 3'?
What song was released after the release of 'Best Day Ever,' but is included in the mixtape?

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