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Can you name the Zelda: OoT Monsters?

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Bull-like 'statue' holding a sword and shield
One-eyed no-armed creature first found in Dodongo's Cavern
Killing ten of these in Hyrule field will earn you an empty bottle
Spider creature found on walls or hanging from ceilings
Four-legged hopping bug. Found in mountains, or walking on water.
This monster is killed to get the lense of truth
Venus fly trap like plant found all over Hyrule
Plant-like creature that shoots nuts.
Giant lizard that stands on two feet and attacks with a sword.
Bats found all around Hyrule. Come in fire and ice version.
Crawling hand found on grounds.
Living block of ice that breathes icy breath.
Mummy creature that prevents you from moving and hops on your back.
What you must defeat in the spirit temple, only to discover it is actually Naburoo.
Spinning green blob found in the desert.
Tunic-and-shield-eating blob
Zombie creature that prevents you from moving and hops on your back.
Clam-like creatures found all over the water temple.
These pop out of the ground every night in Hyrule field as a child.
Skeleton with a sword and shield. Will sometimes leave bones behind.
Found in the fire temple. Flaming crawling blobs.
Crawling hands on the ceiling that drop down and grab link.
Wolfs that pop out of the ground.

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