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* It has a lion on it *
What a bird's wings do
High five someone's face
Large piece of rock
* _____ Lee *
* Science fiction franchise with [rung 15] *
Fly like an eagle
Wild pig
ex. Yogi
* What Raj can drink to talk to women *
Annoying insects
Small wooden things used in golf
Uno + dos
* Science fiction franchise with [rung 7] *
You can climb it
* For Penny, food is _____ at Leonard's apartment *
Mr. Flintstone
To give food
Measurement of length
Had an emotion
What the Wicked Witch did
Milkshake's cousin
* Wednesday night is _______ night *
2 divided by 4
Baby cow
* Hip way to say the state they live in *
Salvador ______
Shop with meats or cheeses
Type of PC
Ring the ____
ex. dodge
* Compared to Leonard, Sheldon is ______ *
ex. fairy
Not wild
* The four of them buy a ______ machine *
Small coin
Female knight
* Leonard has to go to the ER after a _____ with Penny *
To diminish
Soak in water
Ceramic circle
* Sheldon made luminiscent _______ *

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