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Can you name the characters of Slings and Arrows?

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Paul GrossArtistic Director
Martha BurnsActor (Titania, Gertrude, Lady Macbeth, Regan)
Don McKellarDirector
Mark McKinneyExecutive Director
Oliver DennisActor (Young Siward, Prince)
Stephen OuimetteFormer Artistic Director
Susan CoyneAdministrative Assistant
Graham HarleyActor (minor roles)
Michael PolleyActor (minor roles)
Catherine FitchStage Manager
Leon PownallActor (Claudius)
Rothaford GrayCustodian
Sean CullenTheatre Critic
Matt FitzgeraldBoyfriend
Luke KirbyMovie Star
Rachel McAdamsActor (Ophelia)
Jennifer IrwinBusiness Executive
Sabrina GrdevichActor (Puck)
Marcia BennettBoard Member
Aaron AbramsActor (Duke of Albany)
Janet BaileyActor (Goneril)
William HuttActor (King Lear)
Geraint Wyn DaviesActor (Macbeth)
Colm FeoreHead of Froghammer
Sarah PollieActor (Cordelia)
David AlpayActor (Romeo)
Joanne KellyActor (Juliet)
Jonathan CrombiePlaywright

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