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Forced Order
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'No one could own the mortal glass. No Nephilim, and no Downworlder.'
'I'm sure my blood is fan-tastic.'
'No one has a boom box anymore. That was the eighties.'
'Tell me where it is, and I will let you die.'
'I can't believe I munched all that demon. I hope I'm not allergic.'
'I am a man, and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone, woman, and bring me something brown.'
'Being Valentine's son, it doesn't make you a monster. Whatever he did to you when you were a kid, whatever he taught you, you have to see it's not your fault-'
'You are not a threat to me. You are a pest-an annoyance.'
'He should back off. It can't be good for her, being so overprotected.'
'There's something very wrong with you- mentally, i mean.'
'I should have been there for him to hold on to, not some stupid little wooden toy.'
'Have you tried talking to her?' 'No, we've been punching her repeatedly in the face instead.'
'I won't buy your cooperation with an innocent life. I'm not Valentine.'
'Not everything, Jace, is about you.'
'I should have left him as a coat rack.'
'So, technically, even though Jace isn't actually related to you, you have kissed your brother.'
'I'm sorry it's you. See, out of all of them, I liked you the best.'
'The Night Children are a wise and careful people. Any scheme that draws their ire draws my suspicions.'
'But i hope you can understand when i say that if by some miracle we all get through this, i hope my family moves itself so far away that we never see you again.'
'Doing the right thing because you love someone sucks sometimes.'

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