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Ozzy Cobblepot
insane,white, flour colored skin
uses the drug called Venom
Victor Freeze
same name as a plant that makes you itchy a, this plant makes you itchy after touching atfter touching it
half-man and half-bat
puppet like, virtually indestructable, body can survive being flattened, corkscrewed, etc. , seems to not have bones
Cat like, cat_ _ _ _ _( answer includes the shown letters), Selina Kyle
obsessed with clocks
loves riddles
____________(name of a poker hand) gang
super intelligent gorilla with mind control capabilities
created by combined forces of Lords of Order and Chaos, supposed to balance chaos and order, but instead tries to destroy existence
Black _ _ _ _( answer includes the shown letters)
Calendar _ _ _( answer includes the shown letters)
sports _ _ _ _ _ _
cat _ _ _ ( answer includes the shown letters)
Clay _ _ _ _ ( answer includes the shown letters)
name is synonym for lightning bug
scare _ _ _ _ ( answer includes the shown letters)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Grudny (fill in the blank)
his face is scarred on one side, clothes are half and half designes
information broker for supervillains
copper _ _ _ _ ( answer includes the shown letters)
James Craddock, gentleman _ _ _ _ _ ( answer includes the shown letters)
name is same a device used to unlock things
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Created Nov 12, 2010ReportNominate
Tags:bat, Bat Family, Enemy, Family, Villains

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