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Can you name the DC comic superheroes2?

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Member of the Black Adam Family
Member of the Black Adam Family
Member of the Black Adam Family
Member of the Black Adam Family
Green lantern
___________, Son of Saturn(fill in the blank)
Wild_ _ _
Karate _ _ _
wields a msytical Katana
Green Lantern
part-kid and part - devil
Gorilla city's king(deceased)
_________, The Superdog (fill in the blank)
Mister _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( from Apoclypse)
Big _ _ _ _ _(was a member of Granny Goodness' 'Female Furies' )
goes by Miss _ _ _ _ _ _ _(white martian who thinks she is a green martian)
synonym for arch foe
gave the first Dr. Fate his helmet
new identity of Dick Greyson, first Robin
Barbara Gordon after being immobilized by Joker
Phantom _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
stretchy, elastic body
Power _ _ _ _
wears mask to make him appear faceless
Daughter of Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick
Liberty ________(mother of Jesse Quick)
_________ Quick(father of Jesse Quick)
Wonder _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Knight (Knight, rides flying-horse)
Looks like a cowboy& favorite weapons are lasso and revolver

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