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Can you name the DC comics superheroes I know?

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Bruce Wayne
Male side kick to the previous entry
Princess Diana of Themyscira
Arthur Curry
Barry Allen/Jay Garrick, _ _ _ _ _ Family
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Green lantern
Rogue Green Lantern
Wields a bow and a quiver of various custom arrows
His powers come from Nabu, a Lord of Order
Capable of altering the atomic structure of inorganic matter, similar to transmutation
A.K.A Billy Batson
Henry Irons
Billy Batson's sister
Arthur Jr. (Deceased)
Aquawoman(Aquaman's wife)
A.K.A Arsenal/Speedy
The 1st black hero from DC, able to manipulate electricity
Heroine who wears a blonde wig and is an expert martial artist
One of the androids created by T.O. Morrow
A.K.A Jason Blood ( sometimes called 'The Demon'
(pre- 52) Able to absorb and control virtually any type of radiation
Can change his size
Champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl
Jaime Reyes is the latest incarnation
'Hero' from 25th century Gotham
Descended from Brainiac
Shares powers with Captain and Miss Marvel
Wields the power of fire
Wields the power of ice
Genius, millionaire, and olympic gold medalist Michael Holt
Grant Emerson is son of the original Atom (Al Pratt), and posseses superhuman strength and the ability to create explosive blasts
Boston Brand
Brian Markov, Prince of Markovia, possesses the ability to manipulate the Earth's gravitational field
Heroine who can take on the abilities of nearby creatures
Time-traveling, expert marksman, combatant, and tracker who is originally from the 1800s
Son of Darkseid, raised by Highfather
Crossbow wielding heroine who is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat

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