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QUIZ: Can you name the following characters on Studio C, who appear in multiple episodes?

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DescriptionCharacterPlayed by
Collegiate athlete who takes far too many shots to the face.Matt
Driver's ed instructor who constantly forebodes death and sees deer everywhere.Matt
Evil inventor (and assistant) who comes up with terrible things like Valentine's Day and junior high school. (Name either.)Matt and Mallory
18th century French nobleman who all the ladies swoon over.Jason
Flirtatious librarian who slips book titles into conversation.Whitney
Superhero who restores balance when people misuse a certain word.Matt
Awkward tween girl who has lots of useful beauty tips.Natalie
Twin brothers who host a Q & A show, though they never really answer the questions. (Name either.)Stacey and Jeremy
Norse seafarer who knocks people out to help someone escape an uncomfortable situation.Jason
Bespectacled restaurant owner who specializes in one specific thing. (Name the food.)James
Heavenly being who climbs onto people and tells them what to do. Alternatively, evil being who does the same thing. (Name either.)Matt
Hyperactive kid who has two X-Boxes now.Matt

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