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Can you name the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

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DescriptionRideYear Added
Spinning Cage Ride1999
Steel Roller Coaster2000
Wooden Roller Coaster1978
Wooden Roller Coaster2009
Raft Water Ride1981
Spinning Airplane Ride1999
Swinging Boat1980
Bouncing Ride1983
Spinning Swings1983
Train Ride1999
Miniature Roller Coaster1999
Inverted Steel Roller Coaster1994
Elevator and Observation1971
Steel Roller Coaster1976
Kids' Bus Ride1999
Standing Steel Roller Coaster1998
Inverted Steel Roller Coaster2001
Car Racing1992
Water Ride1989
DescriptionRideYear Added
Steel Roller Coaster1988
Water Ride1972
Spinning Ride1974
Rotating and Spinning Ride1973
Spinning Ride1974
Spinning Balloon Ride1999
Vertical Steel Roller Coaster2011
Steel 5th-Dimensional Roller Coaster2008
Steel Flying Roller Coaster2006
Free Fall1996
Steel Roller Coaster1996/2011*
Bumper Cars1971
Truck Ride1999
Steel Roller Coaster1990
Spinning Tea Cups1999
Log Ride1971
Steel Roller Coaster2003
Miniature Steel Roller Coaster2011
Steel Roller Coaster1971

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