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Can you name the answers to the questions about the Back to the Future Trilogy?

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What was the name of the farmer whose barn Marty crashes into?I
What was the new name of Clayton Ravine when Marty returned to 1985?III
What are the dates on the front of the sports almanac?II
What drink did George order before talking to Lorraine?I
What does the DeLorean's liscence plate say?I, II, III
According to newspapers in the alternate 1985, what year did Biff win his first million?II
What TV show wakes the 1955 Doc up?III
What kind of cereal is George eating in the cafe in 1955?I
How much money did Mad Dog Tannen say Doc owed him?III
What was the name of Doc's dog in 1955?I, II
How many gigawatts of power does it take to run the time machine?I, II, III
When Marty hitches a ride to school, what logo is on the hat of the man driving the pickup?I
What does Lou's Cafe become in 1985?I
What is Marty's daughter's name?II
Besides Wild Gunman, what other video game was in the Cafe 80's?II
What was Lorraine's family eating when Marty was there?I
At what age did Doc first read '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'?III
In which neighborhood does the 2015 McFly family live?II, III
What time do Doc's clocks read at the beginning of the movie?I
How many times does Biff or a relative of Biff get covered in manure?I, II, III
When the man selling guns asked Marty where he learned to shoot, what was Marty's reply?III

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