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Can you name the fish by the pun said when caught?

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So small, so very bitter!
He could use some sunlight.
Carpe diem!
Don't be coy! (Ugh.)
I'm not horsin' around!
Carpe ____!
Worth its weight in... fish.
I think he's in shock!
What's the dilly, fish?
Stick that in your craw!
Leapin'... lizards?
Now, go be in my pocket!
I'm the _____ coach!
Here kitty kitty!
Slippery little sucker!
ACK! It has a huge head!
Why's the little guy so sad?
Perch in my belly!
That couldn't BE more bass!
So that's what the pond smells like.
That's weird, it smells like fish.
Ready? Set? ____-ge!
A trout of many colors!
I completely rock! YIPPEEEEE!
Welcome back!
All hail the king! ...For I am the fish king!
It's small, but what a bite!
How heavenly!
Good thing he didn't catch me!
It's golden and beautiful!
A golden fish...? I think this is a ______! Who knew they lived here!
Nose like a ___den hose!
It's big... and kinda gross.
I didn't even use a net!
I'm in some kind of jam!
Giddy up! YEE HAW!
Who's laughing now?
No gobbling those spines!
So cute! So PAINFUL!
Nay!? Yay!
With that jaw, it SHOULD be barred!
Not again!
Ooh, SNAP!
I caught a ___! Didja see it? You are a ___, right?
I caught a dab! Oh wait... Are you an ____ ________? Oh, yeah, you are, aren't you?
Oh, no, I _____n't!
You're mine, suckers!
Well, well... You've come a long way!
And I'm not talking canned!
Why so blue, ______?
Don't look directly at it!
Got any nails?
It was a _____ attack!
Amazing! I caught a living fossil! What were you doing down there?

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