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When was Ilvermorny founded?
Where is it located?
In what state?
In which country?
How many Houses does it have?
Who constructed the original stone cottage?
Who created Thunderbird House?
Who created Wampus House?
Who created Horned Serpent House?
Who created Puckwudgie House?
Which Founder was a No-Maj?
Which Native American tribes sent students to learn about Wand Magic?
What year was there enough children for inter-house competition?
What kind of school did it start out as?
Which descendant of the Gaunt family tracked Isolt and her family down and try to kill her?
What language did she use to disable Isolt's wand?
Who killed Gormlaith?
Are the Puckwudgies on the grounds paid for their work?
What did James and Isolt do to her wand after Gormlaith was killed?
What kind of tree grew from that spot?
Why was it left alive?
By what century was Ilvermorny a granite castle?
To whom did Dorcus Twelvetrees reveal Ilvermorny's location?
What was he descended from?
What law did this cause to be passed?
What newspaper reports on House points and awards?
What does Horned Serpent represent?
Who does it favor?
Who is a notable member?
What does Wampus represent?
Who does it favor?
Who is a notable member?
What does Thunderbird represent?
Who does it favor?
Who is a notable member?
What does Puckwudgie represent?
Who does it favor?
Who is a notable member?
What do students step on to be sorted?
What decides which houses they go into?
Where do people stand to watch the sorting?
How does the Horned Serpent react when choosing a student?
What happens if more than one house chooses a student?
Who was the last known person to be chosen by all 4 houses?
What House did she choose?
What is its reputation?
What colors are its uniforms?
Classes offered?

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