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Can you name the Ziva-isms in Seasons 3 and 4 of NCIS??

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Ziva-ismReal phrase
'Your hair looks like a porcuswine. ...Porcupig?'
'I feel like a donkey's butt.'
'He must have taken a kite.'
'Look who's calling the pot black.'
'That backfired large time.'
'I am braless.'
'You attract far more bees with honey.'
'Mind if I take a bat nap?'
'It'll be like trying to find a pin in a needlestack.'
'He was covering his plates.'
'So now your image is homopubic?'
Ziva-ismReal phrase
'Tony was jerking your brain.'
'I feel like a leopard.'
'I wanted to shut his pothole two hours ago.'
'You look run over.'
'Cut the man some slacks.'
'It's like shooting fish in a pond.'
'Why haven't you breasted them?'
'Did she give you the cold elbow?'
'He's chomping out McGee.'
'You look like you just saw a goat.'

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