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Slippery CIA agent connected to many NCIS cases
Ex-CIA, Director of NCIS as of Season 6
Secret Service-turned-Special Agent, shot in the head by a terrorist
Navy drug-detecting German Shepherd whom Abby convinces McGee to adopt
Ducky's first medical assistant, shot in the shoulder by a terrorist
Female medical examiner in whom Ducky has expressed a romantic interest
Also known as the Port-To-Port killer
Member of NCIS's legal department who has been involved in many cases with Gibbs' team
Leader of the NCIS Major Case Response Team, often called 'Boss'
Senior Field Agent, fond of quoting movies
Ziva's father and Director of Mossad
Ex-Mossad Liaison Officer, now a probationary field agent
Liutenant Colonel with the Army CID who has a lengthy relationship with Gibbs before retiring
NCIS Special Agent stationed in Rota, Spain who came to the DC area investigating a serial killer
Mossad agent and love interest of Ziva, shot by Tony
Director of NCIS from Season 3-5, ex-lover of Gibbs
Father of Director Shepard, killed himself
Chief Medical Examiner, tells random stories while performing autopsies
Criminal profiler who worked as an interrogator in Guantanamo Bay
Gibbs' first wife, deceased
Assistant Medical Examiner, rather awkward but very loyal
Daughter of La Grenouille with whom Tony falls in love
Germaphobic communications specialist that has helped NCIS in several cases involving the Middle East
Female attorney who has a love/hate relationship with Gibbs
Chief Forensic Specialist, dresses goth but is actually very happy
Gibbs' father who lives in Stillwater, Pennsylvania
Gibbs' former boss and mentor who lives in Mexico
Killer of Shannon and Kelly Gibbs
Ziva's half-brother, killed Kate
Temporary forensic assistant who tried to frame Tony for murder
Gibbs' daughter, deceased
FBI Agent and friend of Gibbs, despite having married his second wife
International arms dealer with whom Director Shepard has a mysterious fixation
Junior Field Agent, MIT graduate and student of computer forensics
McGee's little sister who was framed for murder

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