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This younger Ham-Ham has a fascination for hats.
This mysterious hamster spends most of his time asleep.
This southern hamster is notorious for his bad jokes.
She is Hamtaro's owner.
This Ham-Ham is sweet and gentle-natured, with a love for building things
This hamster is a field hamster who claims to know everything about the world.
The most knowledgeable of the Ham-Hams, he always carrying a book with him.
She is a responsible, girly hamster who loves her pink scarf.
She is a French hamster, very loyal but rather naive about the world.
One of the twins, this hamster is athletic and energetic.
He's a large, sleepy dog that sometimes helps the Ham-Hams.
This hamster is always seen with his guitar, and he speaks entirely in rhymes.
This classy, sophisticated Ham-Ham has a glasses tan around his eyes.
He is a slightly clumsy but very loyal hamster, often seen eating seeds.
She is Bijou's owner.
He is the leader of the Ham-Ham gang.
The other twin is a womanizer and is often seen playing the maracas.
The youngest and shyest of the Ham-Hams, she is always hiding beneath her yellow blanket.
She is Oxnard's owner.

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