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Who is the founder of Islam?
In what year did the prophet leave Mecca?
What was the original name of the city now known as Medina?
What was the name of the dynasty that ruled from 661-750 ad?
Which dynasty ruled after the revolution of 750 ad?
By the beginning of this century, Islam was the religion of the majority of the population
Mecca is a city in which modern day country?
In which part of the world did monotheism originally emerge?
Besides christianity and judaism, what was the major monotheistic religion before the emergence of Islam?
From which city did the prophet descend to heaven?
At the end of the 6th century ad this empire was defeated, and relinqueshed control over Arabia
This is a traditional tribal cheifton in bedoin society
This unites tribes, and gives them a sense of cohesion, as well as usually being the source of their name
This is a virtue that is highly valued within traditional Arabian culture
This word means sanctuary, and aread that cannot be violated
This is a cubicle lying at the center of Mecca
This tribe settled in Mecca and looked after the primary shrine in the center of the city
When Muhammad arrived here, at least half the population is now believed to have been
What is considered to be Muhammad primary miracle?
What happened from 811-819 ad?
After the fall of one dynasty in 750, who became caliph?
During what century did Rumi live?
Muhammad was born into this tribe
The primary book of Islamic religious doctrine
What was the name of the prophet's wife?
Which angel told the prophet he had been appointed by God?
This word means the migration of the prophet from Mecca to Medina, is also one of the five pillars of Islam
This was a word for the migrants who helped the prophet
This is a word for the people who were in Medina and helped the prophet
Muslims always face towards which city while praying?
When did Muhammad die?
Many believe that the greatest holy book of Islam was constructed within a timespan of this many years
The Qur'an was origionally written in which language
Who is the last prophet in the line of Islamic prophets?
What must one do to conver to islam?
After the death of the prophet the first 4 caliphs are commonly known as...
What did the first four Caliphs have in common?
The Isma'ilis sect believe in 7 of these
They steal the black stone, breaking it
What is al-Andalus?
This is an Islamic place of worship
What is dar al-Islam?
What is dar al-harb?
This is Islamic jurisprudence
This is a scholar
This is the educated class of scholars, or a body of religiously inspired intellectuals
This is a form of Islamic mysticism
That form of religious mysticism is primarily concerned with
In 922 this Islamic mystic was put to death by mutilation
The name of this sect of Islam means 'Those who have postponed judgement'

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