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Term referring to tthe people and social identity involving the blending of European and Amerindian culture
Partnered dance where couples arrange themselves in lines.
represent uncivilized outsiders in Peruvian dance
Reserved, disciplined individuals in Peruvian dance
Peruvian dance representation of black slaves
Peruvian dance representation of malaria carriers
Peruvian dance representation of police
Peruvian dance representation of clowns
mixed European instrumetand Andean flute ensemble
Afro-Brazilian religion heavily involving West African religious beliefs
Iberian derived verse form with four octosyllabic lines per stanza
Juxtaposition of duple and triple rhythmix patterns, both siumultaneously in different instrumental parts (or sequentially in same part.
Mestizo song-dance genre in Peru in sesquialtera rhythym
Slow, sad, lyrical mestizo song genre from Peru
Most widespread Andean mestizo song dance genre in Peru, also performed by some indigenous musicians. Strophic. AABB sections.
Mexico's most important song dance genre, a strophic song characterized by romantic themes.
Venezuelan sesquialtera; famously fast.
term used throughout Peru to indicate an animated concluding section to a dance piece
Musical group from the rural, Southern coastal region of Veracruz state. Diatonic harp, four string guitar, jaranas.
Mexican region including Veracruz State and Tamaulipas
Ensemble from Jalisco, Mex. Includes 2+ violins, vihuela, guitarron, 2 trumpets, and many guitars.
Popular dance originaly associated with Northern Mexico and South texas. Accordion, bajo sexto, bass, drums.
Musical group from South Mexico.
Mexican four string guitar
small guitar type with 8 strings in 5 courses
Mexican group from Northern Veracruz. Violin and two types of guitar.
Small five string guitar with convex back
large acoustic guitar with convex back
Rural, working class Mexican genre
Slow, romantic song dance from Cuba
Mexican historical or topical ballads that use copla form
Andean Earthmother
Interlocking pitches between 2+ sound sources to create a single melody
Individually owned and sung song by Suya Indians
Afro-Columbian, Afro-Ecuadorian dance context in Pacific Coast region
Spirit or deity in Yoruba
Brazil's most famous genre; African roots.
Annual musical-dance celebration in Brazil

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