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a traditional Bahamian music, usually played on an accordio, saw, or goatskin drum
dance originating in Europe, Historically performed by couples arranged in a square following a set dance form.
Bahamian folk belief and practice derived from African models and concerned with controlling powers of good and evil.
Rake and Scrape rhythm (Turks and Caicos)
Rake and Scrape rhythm (US Virgin Islands)
Rake and Scrape rhythm (British Virgin Islands)
A term describing the movement of a group of people (sharing a racial or ethnic history) into forced exile outside of the groups natural homeland. I.e. Jewish, African
The administrative, economic, and political control of a territory using unequal power and benefitting the home country more.
Historical context of the Caribbean
Original cultures which influenced Caribbean culture
'mother city'; 'mother country'
Home of vodoun (Vodoo)
Home of santeria
Home of obeah
Home of shango and Spiritual Baptist
Home of Rastafarianism
Caribbean island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic
repeated cyclical melody or pattern
Iberian verse with four octosyllabic lines per stanza
Iberian octosyllabic verse form with ten octosyllabic lines per stanza. ABBAACCDDC
Theme of Caribbean music (1)
Theme of Caribbean music (2)
Theme of Caribbean music (3)
Theme of Caribbean music (4)
Traditional French Creole song
Processions that commemorated harvesting of burnt cane before emancipation
Bamboo percussion band used to accompany Calypso songs during Carnival
Part of a Tamboo Bamboo Band
Serious disturbance during the 1881 Carnival
Band composed of oil drums not tuned to play a range of pitches
Scientific term for instruments whose bodies vibrate to create sound
Antiestablishment Trinidadian musical practice
Massive battle of Calypso bands
Cuban dance that developed during 19th Century. Typical ensemble includes vocalist, chorus, clave, palitos, and congas.
Narrative text section of Rumba
Call and response section of Rumba
Most popular kind of Cuban Rumba
Rhythmic cell common throughout the Caribbean, containing 5 seperate articulations and organized into long-short-long-short-long pattern.
Puerto Rican traditional music originating in slave barracks
Bahamian festival celebrated on Boxing Day
Music style popular in French Antilles
One of the first Caribbean genres to attract attention from music companies
Name of people of West African and Amerindian descent in the Caribbean coast of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, y Nicaragua.
Popular music styles defeloped by Garifuna, featuring call and response vocals and percussion
Religious ceremonies where family appealed to ancestors to solve problem
Folk song genre for voice and guitar
Trinidadian music style that combines soca and chutney
Almost extinct light classical tradition encompassing many genres
Subset of Tan singing; tangible connection to South Asian music
Dance music of the Dominican Republic
Hindu devotional song
Form of folk music associated with phagwa (holi) in Trinidad
Call and response section of a merengue
Style of merengue which included swing bands; evolved into popular dance music
Music which grew out of experiments by Latino and Caribbean influences in NYC
Genre heavily influenced by Reggae and Jamaican music
Combo of Calypso and gospel dancehall music
Music that accompanies the Hassa festival in Trinidad
Shia Muslim festival commemorating martyrdom of Husayn Ibn Ali
Hindu festival adapted for Trinidad

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