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Can you name the title of these country music songs using these verbose re-interpretations of their lyrics?

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Verbose lyricsSong titleActual lyrics
Hank Williams, Jr. -- 'Let it be known that my companions and I not only can remove the hide from a male whitetail, but we can also set up a line for fishing requiring snoods.'
Willie Nelson -- 'Perhaps I did not show my affections toward you nearly as many times as would have been proper.'
Carrie Underwood -- 'With the shaped piece of metal used for the ignition of my car, I damaged the medial area of my lover's immaculate, supercharged heavy-duty pickup.'
Taylor Swift -- 'I liken you unto the tragic young heir of the house of Montague, projecting calculus from his hand.'
Garth Brooks -- 'It is more desirable to let the Fates control our destiny. While I could have avoided the heartbreak, to do so would require me to not participate in our saltation
Tom T. Hall -- 'I enjoy partaking of a beverage made of fermented grain and hops. When I do so, I perceive myself as a jovial comrade.'
Clint Black -- 'Do you find it peculiar that a certain arrangement of musical notes can trigger a reminiscence in our brains?'
Zac Brown Band -- 'My lower set of phalanges are currently sitting in dihydrogen monoxide, while my posterior is located in grains of silicon dioxide.'
Toby Keith -- 'It is customary in the United States of America to place our work footwear in the rectums of our enemies, such as yourself'
Hank Williams -- 'However, you will be deprived of rest throughout the nocturnal hours.'
Alan Jackson -- 'We accelerated our vehicles such that the tires left remnants on the roadtops of the Peach State. We acted in a ludicrous manner; however, we were never apprehende
Patty Loveless -- 'My dearest, there are ways that you must be re-educated about the person who I am.'
Verbose lyricsSong titleActual lyrics
Keith Whitley -- 'When your face is contorted in a joyous expression, I am informed that my presence is necessary for you.'
George Jones -- 'My grandfather, who operated an illegal distillery, lived in the more rugged terrain of the Tarheel State.'
Brad Paisley -- 'It would be desirable for me to examine your body for arachnids from the superfamily Ixodoidea.'
John Anderson -- 'I find it hard to fathom that I am sharing this suspended seat with the neighbor girl on the concrete slab directly in front of her domicile.'
Charlie Daniels -- 'He was facing a hindrance, he was not on track to meet his deadlines, and he was in a position where he'd strongly consider gambling to improve his outcome'
Johnny Paycheck -- 'As for this occupation, you may place it where the sun is not known to shine. I will no longer fill its needs.'
Shania Twain -- 'Although it is perfectly acceptable for me to be tardy for our meetings of courtship, your punctuality is expected.'
Reba McEntire -- 'You convinced me to cohabitate with you whilst granting you possession of my tool of entry'
Kenny Chesney -- 'At this moment, the emotions of NASCAR's winningest driver are apparent to me.'
Lila McCann - 'A member of the genus Turdus descended and placed itself on a structure marking a boundary.'
Billy Ray Cyrus - 'It is possible for you to proclaim to the entire Earth that you and I had in fact never courted.'
Dolly Parton - 'I take an oath that, at certain moments, a particular male is hell-bent on personally attacking me.'

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