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What role does Joe Walker play?
What does Superman's 'friend' Snoop Dog call him?
What did Sweet Tooth spend so much money on?
Batman is a man of ____________
Who plays Commissioner Gordon?
What does Robin want to be?
What do the civilians keep calling Superman?
What happens after the civilians drink the infected water?
What is Obama's twitter name?
What is Lucius Fox's secret identity?
How did Batman defeat Superman?
Question/Fill in the BlanksAnswer
Who plays Barack Obama?
Robin ____________
________ played Spiderman
Finish the Quote: 'We're like long lost ______
What is Robin's real name?
What is Jaime Lyn Beatty's role?
How does the Green Lantern receive phone calls?
How were Robin's parents killed?
What was Dylan Saunder's 'good guy' role?
Who played Vicki Vale?

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