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Can you name the Actor or actress that played these chracters?

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Pluto Nash, Det. Axel Foley, Prince Akeem
Alfred Kinsey, Qui-Gon Jinn, Oskar Schindler
Cleopatra, Anna Karenina, Blanche DuBois
Granny, Nurse Diesel, Frau Blucher
Dr. Fu Manchu, Count Dracula, Francisco Scaramanga
Paul Edgecomb, Joe Fox, Jim Lovell
Mary Reilly, Tinkerbell, Vivian Ward
Gracie Hart, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Jean Cabot
V, Megatron, Agent Smith
The Marquis de Sade, Cassanova Frankenstein, Peter Sellers
Wyatt Earp, Robin Hood, Eliot Ness
Mrs. Salome Otterbourne, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Iselin
Dr. Grace Augustine, Gwen DeMarco, Dana Barrett
Tigress, Mariane Pearl, Jane Smith
Jor-El, Col. Walter E. Kurtz, Stanley Kowalski
Judge Doom, Professor Plum, Dr. Emmett Brown
Carl Spackler, Frank Cross, Dr. Peter Venkman
Juno MacGuff, Shadowcat, Ariadne
Ted Kramer, Raymond Babbitt, Capt. Hook
Barton Fink, Herbie Stempel, Jesus Quintana

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