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Can you name the parts of the Excretory Processes?

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What is the order in which urine is expelled from the body?Use urethra, ureter, and urinary bladder
What are the two distinct regions of a human kidney
Where does filtration of the blood occur?
What are the three regions of the nephron?
After the filtrate is collected in the (BLANK) it moves to the ureter
What are the two types of nephrons?
What is the order in which filtrate moves in the cortex/medulla?Use Descending Limb of Loop of Henle, Ascending Limb of Loop of Henle, Collecting Duct, Proximal Tubule, Distal Tubule
What substances diffuse in/out of the excretory system?Use water, salt, blood, proteins, urea, glucose, fats
Does the Loop of Henle run cocurrent or countercurrent?
What is the osmolarity of human blood (normal)?
What hormone is important in regulating water balance?
Where does ADH directly affect? what part of the kidney
Where is ADH made?
How is ADH triggered?
What does RAAS stand for?
How is RAAS triggered?
What does Renin covert to?two things
What does Angiotensin II affect?two things

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