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Can you name the answers to this five-letter Harry Potter themed word ladder to reveal a Philosopher's Stone spoiler? (A good HP knowledge is required.)

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Hero of the series
A member of the Holyhead quidditch team?
One of these is used to Fluffy to sleep
Male deer, but not the word used to describe Harry's patronus
What the Cruciatus Curse does
What Ron does with slugs in CoS
Hermione's hair is full of these
What Madame Pomfrey does best
Dumbledore really ____ about Harry
Dwellings like the one where Voldemort hid his locket
What Ron does with the quaffle on a good day
What a parent does as the Hogwarts Express leaves King's Cross
When the moon does this Lupin's safe
The weapons of wizards
Beaches, like the one by Shell Cottage
Harry does this using Hedwig
Plant these and you can grow your own Whomping Willow
Appears, but not in the apparition sense
The joins of clothes (the Weasleys' are often re-sewn)
Harry does this a lot to doors
If an interviewee ___ up, give them veritaserum
Families or households, e.g. Blacks, Weasleys, Malfoys
The sound made when the Bloody Baron rattles his chains
Filch might be described as one
People ___ their necks to get a look a Harry's scar
Bathilda, maybe, or Great Aunt Muriel
What polyjuice potion effectively creates
How Harry feels back in Privet Drive
What Snape's basically trying to do throughout the whole series
One of the deathly hallows

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