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Can you name the answers to this four-letter Harry Potter themed word ladder to reveal a Philosopher's Stone spoiler? (A good HP knowledge is required.)

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Harry's favourite subject (abbreviation)
James and Arthur
Actors of the seven Potters
Mrs. Weasley's sink is always full of them
What you might do after fleeing Fluffy
Harry __ up his anger all summer between GoF and OotP
Coal substitute that would stink up the Floo Network
Tickle it to get into the Hogwarts kitchens
Dumbledore does this over his half-moon specs
A furtive glance (as done by Mr Riddle?)
Lots was required before sneaking into the Ministry (abbreviation)
We'd all love to steal one of these from the HP film sets!
Hogwarts teacher title (abbreviation)
When disapparating, you might disappear with one of these
Body of water, like the tub in the prefects' bathroom
'You're a __, Harry Potter, and you will lose... everything.'
House-elves prepare it at Hogwarts
How Mrs Weasley feels towards Harry
Harry has to do this with the triwizard cup in the third task
At the rear; Dudley gets a tail here
Harry gives this to Cedric re dragons
'Is not', as said by Mundungus
Petunia, to Harry
Nick can't join the Headless __
German for an animal like Fang
Wormtail gets a shiny new one
Difficulty of N.E.W.T.s
A section of St. Mungo's
McGonagall often has a stern one with the trio
Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team PS-PoA
It conquers evil, at least in the HP universe

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