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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Harry Potter themed word ladders to reveal some Philosopher's Stone spoilers? (A good HP knowledge is required.)

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First ladder
He's nearly headless 
What prevents [above rung] from being headless 
A nerdy geek (Hermione's been called worse) 
Look for (a snitch) 
What a leaky cauldron would do 
A vanishing one trapped Harry in GoF 
King's Cross is the first, Hogwarts the last 
Stairs in relation to Harry's first bedroom 
The jumper Fred gets for Christmas? 
The success of SPEW 
If your mother does this, expect a howler 
With [below rung] the sound of thestrals running? 
With [above rung] the sound of thestrals running? 
Emma Watson's post-HP hairstyle 
Its heart is a potion ingredient (abbreviation) 
Honeydukes is the place to go for this (abbreviation) 
Hermione's dress at the Yule Ball 
Harry's similarity to James makes him a ____ off the old block 
Durmstrang transport 
What you might do in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom 
What you might do if shocked while holding a Butterbeer 
The kind of long journey a portkey avoids 
To beat (as the Malfoys may have done to Dobby?) 
Trevor look-alike? 
You might get it at the Three Broomsticks 
What an object will do if you say 'Engorgio' 
What your wand will do if you say 'Lumos' 
What someone's blood will do if you say 'Sectumsempra' 
How Harry recovered the Remembrall 
What the trio did when they first saw Fluffy 
What you'd do in the Great Hall 
One of Harry's is cold after freeing Dobby 
After a trip to the Hospital Wing, Harry ___ better 
Seamus, or one of his kin 
The likelihood of Harry being around to save the day 
Gringotts method of transport 
Ginny gives Harry a singing one in CoS 
Second ladder
Harry's favourite subject (abbreviation) 
James and Arthur 
Actors of the seven Potters 
Mrs. Weasley's sink is always full of them 
What you might do after fleeing Fluffy 
Harry ___ up his anger all summer between GoF and OoP 
Coal substitute that would stink up the Floo Network 
Tickle it to get to the Hogwarts kitchens 
Dumbledore does this over his half-moon specs 
A furtive glance (as done by Mr Riddle?) 
Lots was required before sneaking into the ministry (abbreviation) 
We'd all love to steal one of these from the HP film sets! 
Hogwarts teacher title (abbreviation) 
When disapparating, you might disappear with one of these 
Body of water, like the tub in the Prefects' Bathroom 
'You're a ____, Harry Potter, and you will lose... everything.' 
House-elves prepare it at Hogwarts 
How Mrs Weasley feels towards Harry 
Harry had to do this with the Triwizard Cup in the third task  
At the rear; Dudley gets a tail here 
Harry gives this to Cedric re dragons 
'Is not', as said by Mundungus 
Petunia, to Harry 
[First rung, first ladder] can't join the Headless ____  
German for an animal like Fang 
Wormtail gets a shiny new one 
Difficulty of N.E.W.T.s 
A section of St. Mungo's 
McGonagall often has a stern one with the trio 
Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team PS-PoA 
It conquers evil, at least in the HP universe 
Third ladder
Hero of the series 
A member of the Holyhead quidditch team? 
One of these is used to put Fluffy to sleep 
Male deer, but not the word used to describe Harry's patronus 
What the Cruciatus Curse does 
What Ron does with slugs in CoS 
Hermione's hair is full of these 
What Madame Pomfrey does best 
Dumbledore really ____ about Harry 
Dwellings like the one where Voldemort hid his locket 
What Ron does with the quaffle on a good day 
What a parent does as the Hogwarts Express leaves King's Cross 
When the moon does this Lupin's safe 
The weapons of wizards 
Beaches, like the one by Shell Cottage 
Harry does this using Hedwig 
Plant these and you can grow your own Whomping Willow 
Appears, but not in the apparition sense 
The joins of clothes (the Weasleys' are often re-sewn) 
Harry does this a lot to doors 
If an interviewee ___ up, give them veritaserum 
Families or households, e.g. Blacks, Weasleys, Malfoys 
The sound made when the Bloody Baron rattles his chains 
Filch might be described as one 
People ___ their necks to get a look a Harry's scar 
Bathilda, maybe, or Great Aunt Muriel 
What polyjuice potion effectively creates 
How Harry feels back in Privet Drive 
What Snape's basically trying to do throughout the whole series 
One of the deathly hallows 

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