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QUIZ: Can you name the Obscure Green Day Lyrics?

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LyricsMissing Word
'The gleam in your eyes, it troubles my ____' (Rest)
'Picture sounds, of moving ____ so surreal' (Green Day)
'I wander down these ____ all by myself' (Private Ale)
'Eerie colours and all I see are ____'
'My eyes are clear and now I'm ____' (Strangeland)
'Is she ultra-violent, is she ____?' (Pulling Teeth)
'I'm just a ____, wasting your time' (Sassafras Roots)
'A thrill seeker making deals, sugar city ____ wasting time' (Tight Wad Hill)
'You finally met your ____ disguised as your fatal long lost love' (Jinx)
'____ has pierced your tongue' (You Lied)

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