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Forced Order
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Who's Vatican Two - the deputy ...?
Our order's very modest, we do not tolerate ... in any shape or form.
That's her job, isn't it? ... - isn't that a classy word for announcement?
It's a ... - no one would even think of looking for us in a nunnery!
We run a teacher training ... for 18-24 year old girls.
Sister ... of the Immaculate Conception
Sister ... of the Five Wounds
Five Wounds - for ...
Let me tell you it's never easy being the son of a ... father.
Look! ...!
God is like a shamrock - small, ... and split three ways.
Brazil? Yes! You know, where the ... come from.
We have to leave, either on a plane to Brazil or ... first!
Your face, it's all ..., you've got a beard - you're a man!
Well! All ... are a little strange to us.
You couldn't lend us something more like what you're wearing, could you? So much more ...
Explain the trinity. Well, it's a bit of a ...
You've got the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The three are one - like a ..., my old priest used to say.
The dove was a ghost? No the ghost was a ...
God is his Son, and His Son is God, but His Son ... as a Holy Ghost, a Holy Spirit and a dove
Lord thou hast always worked in mysterious ways, thy ... to perform.
Have you ever seen a ... room? This is what we call a bedpan.
Hello. We're from Chipping ..., we believe you were expecting us.
Stop, ... me.
Well, we're all rather ... today. So if you find out what you're looking for, let us know and we'll tell you if we've seen it
We stole from the rich to give to the poor. Who are you going to give that money to? Us, we're ...
I've seen bullet wounds. I've been a missionary. Where? ...
Excuse me, but do nuns usually wear ...? It's our day off!
What did he die of? He wanted to work for somebody else. Oh! ... causes!
Brilliant! Then we'll have Case trying to ... us down and the Triads trying to chop us up!

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