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HintAnswerSpoken by/no. of words
I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be stuck...White Goodman / 4 words
At Globo gym we understand that 'ugliness' and 'fatness' are genetic disorders, much likeWhite Goodman / 3 words
The following DVDs are now overdue: Drunken Hussies, ... and Mona Lisa SmileSeth (from Videorama) / 2 words
In some cases, there's two somebodies for one person ...Peter LaFleur / 5 words
Love the orange and love the ...Peter LaFleur / 1 word
Toss to hands, liberty and cradle out, ok?...Martha Johnstone / 5 words
I'll make a barter with you...Steve / 5 words
What kind of law are you involved in, pretty eyes?...Kate / 3 words
I have shareholders...White Goodman / 5 words
I can only hope that you...are inside it when I doWhite Goodman / 8 words
Turn it up high Reggie...White Goodman / 3 words
Where do you go when your wife changes the locks?...Gordon / 2 words
And Steve, where do you go to do...Justin / 6 words
You guys had me at...Peter LaFleur / 3 words
Anyway, we're a close knit tribe here, but there's always room ...White Goodman / 4 words
I'm White - W H I T ...White Goodman / 1 letter
Right, well, you work for the bank, the bank works for me ...White Goodman / 5 words
Unless you're into that sort of thing, in which case ...White Goodman / 7 words
That is what I love about you Kate ...White Goodman / 4 words
How'd you like to take a break from that ...Voice over / 3 words (hyphen)
But remember, dodgeball is sport of ...Patches / 4 words
Dodge...Patches / 5 words
Take care of your balls and ...Patches / 5 words
Goddamn you ...Troop 417 scout / 1 word
Did you decide to skip arts and crafts?...White Goodman / 3 words
I'm off the clock. Well isn't that convenient for you...White Goodman / 3 words
Her national power plant's team won the championship...White Goodman / 3 words
We are the globo gym purple cobras ...White Goodman / 7 words
HintAnswerSpoken by/no. of words
Oh my God, we never even won ...White Goodman / 4 words
If you master the five D's ...Patches / 9 words
If you can dodge traffic...Patches / 5 words
You couldn't hit water...Patches / 7 words
Come on Kate, time to put your mouth ...Peter LaFleur / 4 words
No crying in ...Patches / 3 words (no hyphen)
It's called the Freedom of Information Act ...White Goodman / 6 words
It is over between us Kate ...White Goodman / 6 words
Dear ...Peter LaFleur / 1 word
My sweet Jesus. ...Pepper Brooks / 2 words
I feel like I'm watching ...Pepper Brooks / 3 words
Leather and latex belong in the bedroom...Cotton McKnight / 5 words
He's ball-less now ...Pepper Brooks / 6 words
Hey Derek, sweet do man!Derek / 3 words
They better check themselves...Pepper Brooks / 4 words
Ouchtown! ...Pepper Brooks / 3 words
I can't believe it! ...Pepper Brooks / 5 words
I love the whole 'I'm not OK, you're not OK, ...' thingWhite Goodman / 3 words
A David and Goliath story ...Cotton McKnight / 5 words
I spoke to White Goodman before the match and he told me that his team ...Pepper Brooks / 6 words
It's a bold strategy Cotton, ...Pepper Brooks / 8 words
Joanie ...White Goodman / 2 words
Average Joe's has come all this way for nothing. Absolutely nothing.Pepper Brooks / 7 words
Well let me tell you - a double-fault final-play elimination hasn't occurred since the Helsinki episode of 1919 and I think ...Cotton McKnight / 7 words
It looks like Peter LaFleur has actually blindfolded himself!Pepper Brooks / 10 words
I have been to the Great Wall of China, I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt, I've even seen ...Cotton McKnight / 6 words
It's also true that money won ...Peter LaFleur / 7 words
You can't be my boss. Nobody can. I'm my own boss. ... White Goodman / 3 words

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