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First LinesCharacter
The landlord at your flat told me you ran here everyday.
Morning. Please. Want some fish? I take it you're here because of the ship.
Hey. Hey! Hey. It's happening to you too, isn't it?
You alright, brother?
Nobody calls me Noor, Sayid. You of all people should know that.
I burnt my hand - and my muffins.
What? I, uh... I made the drapes in my apartment.
Never done this before have you? I can always tell the first timers. Well, then, may I ask your price range?
You sure? That's exactly what I was doing. Im a lifeguard. I'm licensed.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, get away from there!
Thank you. Wow, can I get another microphone? I think this one's been drinking. A little over two years ago, I blew a tire out...
We need Jack.
Hey, you understand the concept of knocking? Oh, get your hands off that! I thought you learned English. I said hands off! Nobody handles any of the gear in this station except me.
You wanna come in? So, you wanna tell me what happened?
Tequila and tonic with a wedge of lemon. Why were you yelling? The girl, the check-in counter - you were yelling at her.
Is that Vincent?
Um, excuse me. Hi. Back where you guys, uh, where you came from, is there a woman named Rose there?
Just coffee, sweetheart. Black.
Me? Charlie.
Sure, you can absolutely wait a few weeks before you launch. I was just assuming you didn't want to die.
Help! Please help me! Help me, please help me!
Where is Alex?
First LinesCharacter
Relax buddy. I ain't movin'. Why don't you just put that down.
Katherine? Help. Help. Help! Help!
Just some stuff we need to get moved.
Are you kidding me? I'm gone ten minutes, and you're having a hootenanny?
What happened? Who are they?
Over here! Please, help me. Help me!
You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.
Who are they?
Hi, Mommy.
Emma! My sister, my sister! Emma! Emma!
Oh, you gotta be kidding me...
How's the drink?
Look at you. It's Saturday night. A grown up man sitting at home watching TV. You should go out, try to find yourself a nice woman.
You want a ride? Get in the car.
Horace! Please.
Locke. I told you I need those TPS reports done by noon today. Not 12:30, not 12:15; noon.
Well, this is... awkward.
What happened?
Hey you, just give me a hand! You, come on! Come over here, give me a hand! On the count of three: one, two, three!
Walt! Walt!
First LinesCharacter
I think I found your bag.
Come on, dammit, push!
Guess he really had to go.
Welcome. I'm Dr. Marvin Candle and this is the orientation film for Station 3 of the DHARMA Initiative.
Help! There's somebody in the jungle. Come on!
What's going on? What are you folks doing this far out here?
I wouldn't do that.
Caesar. Find anything?
Back up, handsome.
Sure it's monkeys. It's Monkey Island.
Bite down on this please.
As if I'm gonna start eating chocolate...
What are you doing back?
Wake up. Shhh. He'll hear you. Look, you have to get out of here.
I didn’t cross the line. We had a truce. This is my land. You said I could stay here.
Yeah, let me speak to your supervisor.
Hey, you - what's your name?
Are you Jack?
Thank you for taking the time to let us make our pitch, Dr. Burke. Mittelos Bioscience is based in Oregon. We're just outside of Portland.
How many different languages are there?
Where's my mom? She's meeting us in Los Angeles.
I'm Libby.

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