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Can you name the answers to the following questions based on Mike Polk's pair of Cleveland tourism videos?

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How many buildings can you look at in Cleveland?
Where do vendors prepare the food that you can buy?
What is the perfect place if you're a douche bag?
Who can you see waiting for buses?
What used to be in the general area of Cleveland shown in the first video?
What is the train carrying out of Cleveland?
What does Cleveland lead the nation in?
Who is the guy who invented Cleveland?
Since what year has Cleveland been under construction?
What can you see that catches on fire?
Due to pollution, what do all the fish in Cleveland have?
How many times a year can you see the sun?
What do 'the Flats' look like?
What will happen if you slow down in East Cleveland?
What is Cleveland's economy based on?
What can you buy for the price of a VCR?
What is Cleveland's main export?
Because they are so retarded, what do Clevelanders consider the 'Free Stamp' sculpture to be?
What city is Cleveland fortunate enough not to be?

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