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Can you name the Language of these Good Mornings??

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PhraseLanguageFun facts!
Selamat pagi!This country has the largest muslim population in the world
Bonjour!This country has the 19th largest population in the world
Magandang Umaga!Archipelago country in south east asia
buongiorno!Bel Paese
Ohayōgozaimasu!Literacy almost 100%
kali̱méra!Home of one of the oldest civilization in the world
Góðan daginn!Doesn't have an army, navy, only coast guard.
Bonum maneRoman conquest spread this language.
Günaydın!Half europe half asian. Secular muslim country.
godmorgen!One of the most uncorrupted countries in the world.
PhraseLanguageFun facts!
Guten Morgen!The power house of Europe.
Dobroe utro!Biggest country in the world (by area)
Bom dia!Language for the biggest country in south america
Buenos dias!Columbus was from this country.
God Morgon!One of the vikings.
Chào buổi sáng!Still a communist.
Goedemorgen!Runner up for world cup 2010
Huomenta!The amount you get fined for speeding on the roads in this country depends on the amount you earn
Tajba filgħodu! Valletta is the capital of this country
Dobraj ranicy !East of Poland

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