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Can you name the T cell and B cell activation interactions?

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First LigandMatching Ligand/Location of that ligand
CD40L- Where is that?
CD40L mutation- result?
Stimulating a DC by CD40L expression leads to increased expression of...
What binds to B7s?
What cytokine from CD4s could activate CD8s directly?
What's the HEV ligands to attract the naive T cells in?
What's the ligand for them on the T cell (or B cell)?
Initial homing of T cells: ligand on T cell?
What binds to that?
What does LFA-1 on the T cell bind to?
What do the cytokines do to it?
What does ICAM-3 on the T cell bind to on the DC?
What does CD-2 on the T cell bind to on the DC?
What do the activated DCs display?
What does that bind to?
First LigandMatching Ligand/Location of that ligand
What does the T cell downregulate to stay in the T cell zone?
TLRs/Innate response induces what on the DC
What do the activated T cells start to display to dampen the response?
How many bits are there to the BC co receptor
what's the interesting one?
How does the B cell increase the ligands for that?
What sets off TI-type 1 activation?
What about TI-type 2?
What's the disadvantage of TI activation?
Example of something doing TI type 2
What's the 3 pathways that CD3 sets off?
Who discovered mhc restricted recognition?
Who discovered the nature of the tcr?

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