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Can you name the Iron Homeostasis?

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DescriptionWhat is it
How much iron is there in the plasma
What does it travel around bound to
What's the RE Mø enzyme to free the Fe after RBC recycling
How much is recycled per day around the RBC loop
What reaction can you promote to increase absorption in the gut
What is the total dietary intake per day
What's the channel for iron uptake in the gut
What stores iron in the cell
What's the channel in the BL membrane for iron absorption
What reaction happens post absorption
Enzyme for that?
Where is transferrin made
What happens to transferrin levels in iron deficiency
What is a good measure of iron levels
How to cells that want iron get it from transferrin
What do they do
What special receptor does the liver have
How could you store smaller amounts of iron not using ferritin
DescriptionWhat is it
Why is ferritin as a measurement sometimes misleading
What's the hormone in charge of Fe homeostasis
Where's it made
When is it released
what does it regulate
2 things that upregulate hepcidin- 1:
2 things that downregulate hepcidin- 1:
what's the main protein in cellular iron homeostasis
What happens to them when iron is present
what do they do when iron levels are low
what proteins do they affect
what do they do to the 1st
what do they do to the 2nd
name some causes of iron deficiency
name some causes of overload
what's the problem in haemochromatosis

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