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Can you name the hormones secreted by the endocrine gland?

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Anterior PituitaryThat would give it away.. Acts on another endocrine gland.
Anterior PituitaryStimulates production and secretion of cortisol.
Anterior PituitaryStimulates pigmentation of skin
Anterior PituitaryGrowth and development of follicles/ovulation/sex steroid synthesis.
Anterior PituitaryGrowth and development of follicles/ovulation/sex steroid synthesis.
Anterior PituitaryPrepares for lactation and inhibits reproductive system.
Anterior PItuitaryLong bone and soft tissue growth.
Posterior PituitaryIncreases water reabsorption by kidney and peripheral arterial constriction.
Posterior PituitaryContraction of uterine mymetrium and breast myoepithelium.
Endocrine PancreasMultiple, metabolic.
Endocrine PancreasMultiple, metabolic.
Endocrine PancreasInhibits the secretion of the two pancreatic hormones above.
Endocrine PancreasInhibition of Appetite.
ThyroidIncrease basal metabolic rate, o2 use and heat production.
ThyroidNot active but converted into the hormone above.
ThyroidLowers raised plasma concentration of calcium.
ParathyroidRestores lowered plasma concentration of calcium back to normal.
Adrenal GlandMultiple. No prizes for getting this one..
Adrenal GlandStimulates Na/K ATPase production and reabsorption of sodium in kidney.
Adrenal GlandProtection over prolonged stress with multiple actions.
Adrenal GlandStimulates axillary/pubic hair development and libido.

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