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Main Character(Who else?)
Wife who gets killed
Mole who is Jack's partner
Daughter of Jack who gets kidnapped
Presidential candidate who has personal problems
Wife of Presidential candidate
Street smart with good instincts CTU agent
Man who says he's Alan York
Department of Defense warden
Villain who gets 12 bullets in his body by Jack
Young man who kidnapped Kim, but helped her escape
Brother of assassin Alexis
Jack shoots him with a tranquilizer gun
Leader of camp where Teri was kidnapped/Shot by Jack in woods
Son of Presidential candidate who is involved in a cover-up
Presidential advisor to Senator Palmer
Mole who talks to Ira Gaines in bathroom/Killed by Nina
Killed George Farragamo
Head of Secret Service
Brought in to decode keycard given by CTU Director
Assassin who killed 'York'
Kim's friend who is killed by 'York'
Rick's friend who gets killed by Gaines
Blows up plane
Future CTU Director
Banker who dies of heart failure
Hired to turn off power at 'MUDD'
Escaped police custody with help from Jack
Asian mercenary who works for Gaines
Shot twice by Teri at prison
Sniper portrayed as photographer
Interim director at CTU
Killed in bathroom; NSA analyst

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