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Played ForPlayerHow they changed the game
Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Napoli, SevillaThis Argentine (famous for his hand of god goal) brought new skill moves to the game (one of which is still effective and popularly used today) and was one of the only players that gave Pele a run for his money
Santos, CosmosThis Brazilian phenomenon changed the way soccer is played by bringing joy and skill and he also make soccer more popular in the US
BarcelonaThis Argentine has shattered the records of most goals scored in a season and the most career goals scored
Saint-Étienne, Montpellier, Saint-Pierroise, TonnerreThis Cameroonian was the first African to become a star on the global stage because of his celebrations
Roma, São Paulo, Milan, Palmeiras, ZaragozaThis Brazilian had incredible strength, speed, and ball control and because of it he has changed the standard of what is expected from full-backs
Eintracht FrankfurtThis German was known for confusing the defense and changed the way the winger position is played because during the game he would switch to either side of the field and defenders would not known how to mark him
Man UThis Welsh is changing the game because he's playing in his very late 30's and is still capable of competing in the top leagues
Real Madrid, Palmeiras, Inter Milan, Fenerbahçe, CorinthiansThis Brazilian famous for his impossible goal and his ability to bend the ball and for his shot power which was well demonstrated during a game against France
Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Corinthians, PSV, Barcelona, MilanThis Brazilian (aka the fenomino) is the World Cup's all time leading goal scorer, won the FIFA World Player of the Year 3 times, and the d'Or twice
Man U, Real Madrid, Sporting CPThis Portuguese player is known for his all around forward ability and for his creativeness on the ball to get through multiple defenders at once
Ajax, Barcelona, Levante, LA Aztecs, Washington DiplomatsThis Dutch player in the 70's made a small Western European country (the Netherlands) get on the soccer map
Milan, Parma, Juventus, AtalantaThis Italian's way of play con sited of hanging on the last defenders shoulder causing him to have numerous break aways and goals
Real Madrid, Man U, LA Galaxy, PSGThis Englishman was famous for his incredible shot accuracy and his incredible ability to bend the ball and because of his personality he has made soccer players what they are today, celebrities
Bayern Munich, Karlsruher SCThis German known for ridiculous and outrageous saves helped push Bayern Munich and Germany to be what they are today
Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo, PSG, Atlético MineiroThis Brazilian started a fascination of flashy and effective skill moves (aka the snake)
Man U, Borussia DortmundThis Japanese player recently has become the first japanese player ever to score a hat trick in the EPL
Played ForPlayerHow they changed the game
Bayern MunichThis Iranian was the first player from Asia to play in UEFA which inspired players all over the world that they can amount to something great
Arsenal, Inter Milan, Man City, Milan, JuventusThis Frenchman set the trend of how to dominate and influence the midfield third
Real Madrid, River Plate, EspanyolThis Argentine is one of the main reasons why Real Madrid is so popular today because he enormously contributed to the winning of the first 5 European Cups
Ajax, MilanThis Dutch player put confidence in other strikers by showing in games that anyone is capable of scoring from anywhere on the field
Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Ajax, GalatasarayThis Dutch player averages 1 goal every 4 games and the reason behind it is the way he plays his midfield position
BarcelonaThis Spanish player has changed the way playmakers play the game because of his ability to keep the ball close to him at all times
Cosmos, Bayern Munich, Hamburger SVThis German (who earned the nickname Der Kaiser) with his creative versatility created the position the attacking sweeper
Man U, Fulham, Celtic, LA Aztecs, San Jose Earthquakes, BournemouthThis Northern Irishman changed the game by his ability of playing his position extremely well and his personality
Man U, Marseille, Leeds, AuxerreThis Frenchman famous for his 'Kung Fu Kick' has brought more style and flair to the game
Real Madrid, Bordeaux, JuventusThis Frenchman who was always in top form and famous for his head-butt make France be one of the top soccer countries today
Arsenal, Ajax, Inter MilanThis Dutch player because one his excellent ball control forced defenses to change the way they play
Dynamo MoscowThis Soviet-Russian (aka 'The Black Spider') brought goal keeper sweeping which is a tactic that is still used today
San Jose CyberRays, FC Gold Pride, California StormThis American woman scored the winning penalty against China in the World CUp final which sparked a run of the USA being the top team in the world which is still being continued today
North Carolina Tar Heels, Washington FreedomThis American woman who is the best women's soccer player in history inspired many American girls to play the sport
LA Galaxy, Everton, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Bayern MunichThis American who is one of the most respected players ever is famous for his success on the international level
Hamburger SV, LA Galaxy, Columbus CrewThis American scored the winning goal against trinidad which qualified the US for the World Cup which then sparked a major growth and popularity in American soccer

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