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Can you name the QB to whom the accomplishment belongs to?

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If you couldn't figure it out, type in either Brady, Manning, or Brees for each question.
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AccomplishmentBrady, Manning, or Brees
Has won the most Superbowls?
Had the highest passer rating this year?
Led his team to 14-0 this season?
Doesn't play home games in a dome?
Has most career TD passes?
Has the most TD passes in a single season?
Has a weird mark on his cheek?
Has played for more than one team?
Has thrown for more than 5000 yards in a season?
Has the highest passer rating for a single season?
Has the hottest wife?
Played college ball at Michigan?
Played college ball at Purdue?
Has more career passing yards?
Has the most 300 yard games in his career?
Has done more commercials?
Cried on Ellen?
Hasn't lost a Superbowl?
AccomplishmentBrady, Manning, or Brees
Has a dimple in his chin?
Most career interceptions?
Wears the #18
Did not beat one of the other two QBs this season?
Has started the most consecutive games?
Has played for the same coach every season?
Plays in the NFC?
Hasn't won an NFL MVP?
Has won one but not 4 MVPs?
Was drafted the highest out of college?
Was drafted the lowest out of college?
The tallest of the three?
Only one without a winning record in the playoffs?
Middle Name is Christopher?
Has thrown for most yards in a Superbowl?
Has exactly two 300 yard games in postseason?
Has exactly three 300 yard games in postseason?

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