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ClueAnswerFun fact
Longest snake in the world
Heaviest snake in the world
Snake with the longest fangs in the world
Type of fangs in vipers, atracaspids
Group of snakes that sense heat through two facial pits
Type of locomotion used by large pythons and boas
Venomous snake in N. America easily confused with a king/milk snake
Venomous snake in N. America referred to as 'trapjaws' due to their behavior of opening their mouthes in a display of aggression/defense.
Venomous snake in N. America that you will most likely hear before you see
Venomous snake in N. America named after a periodic element
Python species from Africa named for its defensive mechanism of curling up into a ball
South American snake species named after the refraction of sunlight through raindrops
Term for fixed fang snakes such as cobras, taipans, and coral snakes
ClueAnswerFun fact
Male reproductive organs are called...
A snake that gives live birth is called...
A snake that lays eggs is called...
Most venomous snake in the world
Fastest snake in the world
Term meaning 'lacking skin pigment.' Specifically melanin.
This common type of pet snake are known to be eat other snakes - even rattlesnakes!
The boa with the longest teeth (and in fact the longest teeth of any non-venomous species) is the...
This type of N. American colubrid like to play dead to confuse predators
This is the only venomous snake to live above the Arctic circle
This species of South American constrictor gets 7-10 feet on average, and is commonly kept as a pet.
This type of snake venom acts on the heart and cardiovascular system

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