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Mitsubishi Their rally car
Dodge Vanishing Point
PeelSmallest production car
SubaruRival of Mitsubishi's
DodgeBaa, baa!
PorscheThe engine's at the back!
ArielOver 1000bhp per ton! And no doors...
ToyotaComes in Mud Gray and Grandpa Gold!
MaseratiMeans 'four door' in Italian
AudiComes in V8 and V10 varieties! And with silly LED headlights
BMWFast coupe
KiaQuite a slow flowing river if you ask me...
Cadillac...think spinners...
Volkwagen'Das Auto'
FordFord's mid-engine supercar
SubaruG'day mate!
MazdaWankle rotary engine
Ford...er, uh, Exploder
Pagani 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds!
Alpha RomeoBeautiful, but doesn't work very well...
LamborghiniSmallest lambo
Ford Neigh!!!
Mercedes..with help from McLaren
PorscheOoooh! Spicy! (but not very pretty)
VauxhallBritish police cars... not very fast
Aston MartinJames Bond's car in Casino Royale
FerrariComfortable four-seat, long distance car
ChevroletThink Transformers...
HondaUsually beige and driven by slowpokes
BugattiW16 engine plus 4 superchargers!

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