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Roman students stopped at breakfast ______ to buy ______, ______, or nuts, which they ate on the way to school
Roman parents placed a ______, called a bulla, around the neck of a newborn child
Cooked ______, roasted ______, and salted ______ were served as ______ at ancient Roman meals
Roman politicians and lawyers often at walnuts because they believed that they were ______ since they resembled little human ______
There was a great risk of ______ in ancient Rome because most people lived in poorly built ____ shacks and had portable cooking ______ that caught fire easily
Sometimes, wealthy ancient Roman men wore dirty ______ when traveling on dark streets at night to prevent from being ______
The best place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend was at the ______ because men and women were permitted to ______
The most important thing for an ancient Roman to do at the ______ of a journey was to consult a ______
Ancient Roman students copied their lessons on ______ boards covered with ______
Ancient Roman babies who were weak or ______ were left outside the house to ______
______ merchants often enticed customers with colorful ______ and playful ______
Roman ______ did not use anesthetics when ______ on patients
Houses of the ______ lacked kitchens and ______
Wealthy Roman women and children were ______ to go out at ______
Ancient Romans enjoyed watching ______ games, where ______ and ______ fought each other to the ______
Ancient Romans often transported ______ by ______ carts or ______ carts
At the age of ______ children went off to school. They graduated at age ______
The age of adulthood started at ______ or ______
Garum was a salty, smelly ______ sauce created by letting parts of ______ sit in the sun and rot
Roman patients would offer sculptures of injured body parts to the gods, called ______, in the shape the body part was injured in the ______

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