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Who was ‘the noblest Roman’ who overthrew the last king?
What was minimum financial requirement for membership in the equestrian order?
Which Greek colony in Gaul appealed to Rome for help against Carthaginian expansion?
Which island became the first formal Roman province?
Where was Marius born?
What part of the domus was used by the patron to hold audience (salutatio)?
When did the battle of Cannae take place?
Which king left his kingdom to Rome in 133 BC? Which kingdom was it?
How large was the Roman senate after Sulla's reforms?
The conquest of which city in 272 BC left Rome in control of southern Italy?
In what year was dedicated the altar of Augustan Peace (ara Pacis Augustae)?
Where did the rebel Italians establish a capital?
What were the two materials on which most literary sources were originally written?
What language was still spoken in large parts of Campania until the 1st century BC?
Name the ‘client king’ who was friends with both Marcus Antonius and Octavian.
What conspiracy did Cicero thwart during his consulship
Where did Augustus erect obelisks in Rome?
What were the two main types of colonies of Rome?
What prominent weapon of war was described by Caesar in use in Britain?
What war was fought from 91 to 88 BC?
In what year was Octavius named ‘Augustus’ by the Senate?
Who proposed granting citizenship to the Italians in 91 BC?
What is the name for the Greek part of southern Italy?
Name the Numidian king who assisted the Romans in the Second Punic War.
When did Sulla die?
Name the two riverine port and market districts.
How did the Romans refer to their concrete building technique?
Which Greek island became the site of a major slave-market?
In what language did Fabius Pictor write?
Which Roman wrote a manual on farming in the second century BC? What was it called?
When did the First Punic War end?
What is the Latin name for the head of a familia?
When did Sulla march on Rome?
Who were the members of the First Triumvirate?
What law gave Pompey extraordinary imperium during the Third Mithridatic War?
What was the main Roman road which ran along the Po Valley up to Placentia?
When did votes of the concilium plebis become binding on the whole Roman people?
Name the two orders of Early Roman Society.
Where was M. Licinius Crassus defeated by the Parthians?
What did the Romans call the Po valley region?
When was the valley of the Forum drained and paved?
In what part of the city were located the gardens and auditorium of Maecenas?
What Latin term did Romans use to refer to all Italians who were not Roman citizens or Latins?
When did the battle of Zama take place? Who was the Roman commander?
When was the office of tribune created?
What monument bore the longest sculpted frieze known from antiquity?
Where was Cicero’s house?
Which is the most complete list of consuls to survive from Antiquity?
In 289/9 BC, a city in Sicily was seized by mercenaries. Which city? Who were the mercenaries?
How was the Alpine conquest monumentalized?
What name is used for the surveying instrument which set out right-angled lines of sight?
How is Roman landscape surveying referred to in the modern literature?
With which people did the Romans fight three big wars in the mid 4th to early 3rd centuries?
Name the two battles in which Marius defeated the Cimbri and Teutones?
Which order of Roman citizens gained the right to sit in a jury under Gaius Gracchus’ laws?
Name an island or group of islands colonised by Carthage.
Which Numidian king was defeated by Marius and Sulla in 105 BC?
How many tribunes of the plebs were there in the second century BC?
Name the former consul who championed improved rights for the Italians alongside Gaius Gracchus.
Who were the main barbarian enemies of Pergamon?
What list serves as crucial source for the history of the consulship?
Whom did the Romans put in command of the war against the pirates in 67 BC
Where was Sulla between 87 and 83 BC?
What was Sulla's nomen/gentilicium?
Where was the most complete copy of Augustus’ Res Gestae discovered?
In what part of the Forum was the Lapis Niger located?
When was the Celtiberian stronghold of Numantia finally captured?
Name the locations of two Italian terraced sanctuaries.
What was the traditional name for the walls of Rome built in the 4th c. BC?
What was the minimum financial requirement for entrance into the senatorial order?
Name the two principal libraries of the Hellenistic world.
Name three major sieges conducted by Caesar in Gaul.
When did the Romans destroy Carthage? Who was the Roman commander?
Who was Augustus’ main helper in administrating Rome?
What was the final end of Spartacus?
Which local officials were in charge of the cult of the Lares Augusti in Rome?
Which was the largest venue for public entertainment in Augustan Rome?
What type of collective tomb became popular in the Augustan period?
What was nexum?
Who was banned from taking part in the assembly of the plebs?
Where was the temple of Mars Ultor located?
What monument from the 2nd c. BC shows a Roman sacrifice and the marriage of Poseidon and Amphitrite?
Give an example of a Roman of the third or second century BC whose career exceeded the normal limits on progression and/or repeat offices.
What was the Latin name for the agricultural land owned in common by the Roman people?
What word is used to describe the process by which Roman culture spread through Italy?
The temples by the start of the triumphal route are known by what collective Mediaeval name?
Which decree gave the consuls the power to do whatever was necessary to protect the Republic?
Which controversial tribune of the plebs was killed in 100 BC?
Who were the members of the so-called second triumvirate?
Which is the only Latin-rights colony yet known which had a Capitolium?
Which Roman repeatedly argued that ‘Carthage must be destroyed’?
Name the tribunes of the plebs who temporarily imprisoned the consuls in 138 BC.
What treaty between Rome and the Latins traditionally took place in 493?
What is the term for the private partnerships that collected taxes for the Roman state?
What is the name of the Augustan law that regulated seating in the theatre?
How many legiones were lost by Varus in Germany, and where?
What list is thought to have been inscribed on the Parthian Arch of Augustus?
Name the city in Spain that appealed to Rome for help against Hannibal.
What four military innovations have been ascribed to Marius?
What is the name for Roman measuring and dividing up of the countryside?
Where were the Boii located?
What Etruscan city was destroyed by Rome in 396 BC?
Which two magistrates took the secular powers of the King?
Which two kings are usually said to have built the temple of Jupiter on the Capitol?
Name the most famous sculpture of a Gallic warrior to survive from Antiquity.
Name the Roman consul sent to intervene on the mercenaries’ behalf.
How many times was Marius consul?
What word is used to describe the adoption and adaption of Greek culture in Italy?
What is the traditional date of the sack of Rome by the Gauls?
Which city was traditionally said to have founded Carthage?
In what building at Pompeii was the Alexander Mosaic found?
In which year did the Gauls sack Rome?
What does the abbreviation ‘F.’ stand for on Roman inscriptions?
What new system of citizenship was created in 338?
What name was given to the lowest census class of Romans, normally ineligible for conscription to the legions?
When did Tiberius Gracchus die?
Name the two tribes which dominated Gaul.
Where in Rome was Julius Caesar assassinated?
What is the traditional date for the foundation of the city?
In what year was Cicero consul?
What is the region around Rome called?
What were the first three permanent theatres built in Rome?
What kingdom did Pyrrhus rule?
In which year was the Roman Republic founded?
Where was Cicero born?
Which legendary king is traditionally seen as having reorganized Roman political participation and citizenship?
Which assembly was responsible for electing consuls
In what year did Caesar celebrate his multiple triumph?
Into how many regiones did Augustus divide Rome?
What concession did the Romans make after the Social War?
Which city led Greek opposition to Carthage in Sicily?
Where were the Lucani located?
How many names did a Roman citizen have?
When did Gaius Gracchus die?
Where was Cato the Elder born?
In what year were the Roman standards lost in 53 BC recovered from the Parthians?
What city in southern Italy called Rome to its aid in 284 BC?
What prestigious weapon of war did Pyrrhus bring over to Italy?
What god was honoured by Augustus with a temple next to his house?
What important legislation was issued by the decemviri in 450 BC?
Name the Roman consul who was awarded the first Triumph for a naval victory in 260 BC.

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